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We believe in Rejoicing

Kidaura aims to provide innovative solutions to create a positive impact on the lives of the children facing developmental challenges in the age group of 3-6 years.
Developmental Milestones
If your Child
Does not follow simple instructions.
Does not want to play with other Children.
Does not make eye contact.
Doesn’t show a wide range of emotions or shows extreme behaviour.
Loses skills he/she once had.
Do not worry! Kidaura is here for you.
Take a home based assessment today and find out if your child is developing typically, like other children of their age.
Our Products
Fun way of assessment for the kids
Game-based assessment for children to check their development.
Child's development report card for the parents
A mobile-based application designed to assess the neurological development of children under the age-group of 2-6 years.
A bridge between experts and parents of children with special needs
An assistive platform that bridges the communication gap between the specialist and caretaker of children to facilitate improved home reinforcement.
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